About Eileen O’Connor


Originally from San Diego, Eileen began her dancing training in San Diego and later moved to Hong Kong to attend “Windows School of Dance”.  She then moved to Singapore to work for 20 years within the dance, choreography and management industry.   

In early 2000, Eileen began to explore and attend various workshops and master classes in the area of teaching students with special needs and disabilities.  Her love and pursuit to grow in this area began to blossom and she later moved back to Salem, Oregon to work within the Salem-Keizer School District Special Education as well as establish a Dance and Movement classes for this group of students.   Eileen says,  “I find working with students who have been on a road less traveled,  as one of the most creative, joyful  group to work with”

Eileen believes in the value of the teacher connecting and understanding with the student and encouraging them to reach for their potential!